Our Services

Secureapp provides specialized Information Security, Software Development, and Assurance services in several sectors including Financial, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Cable, Energy, and Product Vendors. Our extensive experience in all facets of the development and security life cycle enables us to provide end to end services to our customers. Some of the services we offer include –

1. Technology Assurance & Security
2. Software Development & Outsourcing
3. IT Consulting

Technology Assurance & Security:

Firms strive to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their customer and business partner data as it is available on the Web. There are numerous regulations that require organizations to implement security controls to protect customer data against unauthorized access.

The primary goal of a Web application security assessment is to determine whether applications provide adequate security controls to protect against attacks that seek to gain unauthorized access to confidential or sensitive data or application resources such as back-end database and operating systems.  Malicious attacks could occur as Web-based applications often rely on insecure methods to track users, pass data, validate data, perform database queries and maintain user sessions.

Secureapp Technologies uses a proven and comprehensive Web application vulnerability assessment methodology to verify the security posture of Web Applications of any size and complexity.  The methodology is based on industry requirements and practices (e.g. CIS, FFIEC, VISA/MC PCI and OWASP) and includes:

Verify related literature :

System Related Documentation (Technical requirements, Architecture and Design documents)
System Management & Interactions (Administrative Guides, Configuration Manuals, End-User Manuals)

Verify application controls including :

Input validation and processing (i.e. buffer overflow, SLQ and XPATH injection, cross site scripting).
Session creation, management and termination

Data confidentiality and integrity:
Role based evaluation of security controls and application functionality. This includes attempts to access applications resources or functionality without proper user credentials in order to identify weaknesses in the application design or implementation.

User accessibility and input validation:
Simulate authorized and unauthorized user activity that includes attempts to manipulate properties such as hidden form elements and session ID’s.

Identify weaknesses in the configuration of the encryption, authentication and authorization mechanisms. Assess the security posture of components that support the application such as backend databases, MQ series servers, LDAP, load balancers and others.

Assess the client/server communication protocols such as IP, TCP, SSL, SNMP,  RPC or HTTP that are used to transmit data between the client and the server where the application is housed to identify related vulnerabilities.

Verify logging and intrusion detection capabilities:
Application and back-end systems data-flow evaluation (e.g. databases, pre-processor’s, MQ-series). Exploitation of user and/or system direct and transitive trust relationships.

Generate reports, with prioritized and categorized findings, to help maintain the proper security posture of the Web Application and supporting computing infrastructure (e.g. databases, LDAP servers, load balancers, authentication servers etc).

Secureapp has been conducting Web Application Assessments for several years. Secureapp’s broad base of customers spans government and commercial organizations including financial, pharmaceuticals, airline, energy and telecommunications industries. For additional information, please contact us. .

Software Development & Outsourcing
Superior Application Development requires an unwavering commitment to deliver value balanced by an innovative mindset. Practicality—honed by creative experience and technical expertise—produces dependable results. This is how companies realize their business goals, enhance their brand and leverage technological advantages as they expand their base of loyal customers.

The challenge is to build a coherent application so that you :

  • Realize business goals and exceed customer expectations
  • Balance new and legacy technologies to innovate and fulfill ROI
  • Maintain informed confidence across all phases of development, resources and work product
  • Ensure system security and reliability
  • Reduce development, testing and maintenance costs while producing faster, commercial-grade software products and enterprise solutions

IT Consulting Services

Secureapp is able to work quickly and thoroughly to efficiently address human capital augmentation needs. Through resource optimization, we combine flexible employment options of contract, contract to hire, and permanent placement to allow our clients to tap into the very best talent while building their internal knowledge strength.

Our Recruitment Process Department works with the HR Teams in the process of sourcing, assessment, interviewing, and new-hire administration and orientation. We follow a standardized recruiting processes and platforms for workforce planning, applicant tracking and workflow. We provide temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct placement services for individual as well as full team placements. Our intimate knowledge of our customer’s local labor markets, businesses, IT initiatives, and company cultures set the foundation for our commitment to making quality placements.
At Secureapp, you can find team members for your requirements, specifically, including :

  • Web Application Security
  • Web Development
  • Business Analysis
  • Software Development and Engineering
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration
  • Systems Analysis
  • Network Engineering and Administration
  • Help Desk and Technical Support
  • Project Management
  • Technical Writing

We are committed to provide clients flexibility through a blend of traditional business and technology process consulting as well as technical staff augmentation.